Bathroom Solutions

Everyone has had a slip in the bathroom at some point of their life.  Bathrooms, especially wet, can become a nightmare for those who have stability challenges.  That is where we come in.

There are several stages that we offer solutions for:

STAGE 1: Independent but have some stability issues

Step in bathThese people, young and aging alike, are totally independent people who can bathe, walk, dress themselves, etc.  The goal for this group is to add additional support in problem areas.  A few grab bars are usually ideal for this group.  Grab bars are offered in almost any area of the home but are targeted around the toilet and shower area.  Raised, elongated toilets can also be very helpful.

STAGE 2: Interdependent                                                                                                   

ada showerThis group is also very independent but do need some help in certain areas.  People who use wheelchairs fit in this group.  Our goal is to make this group as independent as possible. Depending on their present and future needs, we can install Walk-In Showers or Roll- In Showers.


STAGE 3: Dependent                                                                                                          

patientlifter13Due to various reasons, this group is completely dependent on a caregiver.  Our goal is to make it convenient for home caregivers to easily and safely give your loved one the best care possible.  Medical equipment and various lift installations are available.